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For the Girls helps women in northeast Nebraska win the fight against breast cancer by supporting their medical, emotional, and educational needs. We accomplish this by providing funds to enhance services through area health care providers and supporting research.


The purpose of For the Girls is fourfold, all in the hopes of winning the fight against breast cancer in Northeast Nebraska.

Identify unmet services and resources available to breast cancer patients in the area. The Norfolk community draws an average of 75 new breast cancer patients each year from a 100 mile radius. Some of the equipment is aging or non-existent causing a burden to patients who are forced to travel to other facilities. For the Girls dedicates funds to assist health care providers with the purchase of state-of-the-art capital equipment to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.


Support women emotionally through our nonprofit organization, specifically women battling cancer. Previously, there were no events or forums dedicated to breast cancer survivors in northeast Nebraska. By sharing a common diagnosis, women can network and establish a community of survivors. Our goal is for a portion of our future funding to be directed toward enhancing existing support groups and identifying new areas of need.

Raise awareness of breast cancer in our geographic area. We hope to continue to educate about the early signs of breast cancer, risk factors, and lifestyle changes to prevent it.

Vital to breast cancer care is the support of ongoing research. Twenty percent of all fundraising is earmarked to go toward national studies for a cure.





Paula Pflueger, President
Dr. Tom Beutler, Vice President
Kathleen Rockey, Secretary
Lynette Pofahl, Treasurer

Andrea Beaudette
Mandi Flood
Kathy Korth
Dr. Kinzie Norris
Aaron Otten
Shantell Skalberg
Makala Williams
Lori Williams


What has been the most rewarding part of leading For the Girls? Some of the committee members have had the opportunity to work with patients who have directly benefited from our actions. It is a pleasure to see the impact it has made.  All of the committee members have been inspired to see a sea of pink on the night of our event and know the difference we have made in our community.

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