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For the Girls helps women in northeast Nebraska win the fight against breast cancer by supporting their medical, emotional, and educational needs. Connect with us on Facebook for our latest news and information.


More Than One Purpose

February 21, 2018

For The Girls Take A Look Back

January 24, 2018

For the Girls Continue to Impact Northeast Nebraska with Donation for Magseed Injectable Marker and Wigs.

May 17, 2018

Funds from the 2018 For the Girls Annual Fundraiser “We’ve Come A Long Way Baby” were recently donated for the purchase of Magseed Injectable Marker, one of the newest technologies in breast surgery localization for areas in the breast needing surgical removal that are so small they are not palpable (not felt on a breast exam).  The Magseed is a tiny magnet that can be placed on an outpatient basis adjacent to the area in the breast needing removal up to 30 days prior to surgery.  Surgeons then use a device that picks up a signal from the magnet, so they know precisely where the area needing removal is located.  With the Magseed, there is no additional radiation to patients, almost no risk of dislodgement, and it is more precise than wires.


Additional benefits of this new technology are the elimination of inconveniences for the patient that may have existed prior to this technology such as delayed procedures, the need for patients to have a wire sticking out of their breasts and a procedure immediately before their surgery.  Simplify treatments, improve patient experience and support better outcomes.  In addition to the Magseed, a $2,000 donation was also made for the purchase of wigs to be available for cancer patients at no charge.  For the Girls is dedicated to enhancing local services that improve the lives of breast cancer patients.

For The Girls in Breast Cancer Research Foundation Spotlight

February 27, 2015

For the Girls helps women in Northeast Nebraska win the fight against breast cancer by supporting their medical, emotional, and educational needs. We will accomplish by providing funds to enhance services through area health care providers and supporting research.


Compliments of Breast Cancer Research Foundation: At BCRF we are a family whose mission is supported by the contributions of extraordinary women and men across the United States and around the world. BCRF is honored to spotlight organizations that have generously donated to our mission of funding critical breast cancer research.


We most recently had an opportunity to chat with Diane Brennan, the Founder of For the Girls, an organization based in Norfolk, Nebraska dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the breast cancer community.

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